Monday, June 27, 2011

NEW PRODUCT!!!! FUN PRINTS - They are finally here.... check them out!

A couple months ago, we came out eith 3 fun prints and now, we've added more to the list and many more on the way!


Each diaper comes with 2 inserts and again, they are made out of rayon from Bamboo.  They cost $10.50 each.  Click here to purchase now!


Feature of BubuBibi Bamboo Fun Prints Diapers:

  • One Size
    Fits newborns all the way to toddlers, allowing parents to save money instead of having to get bigger diapers as baby grows

  • No diaper covers required
    Unlike some other bamboo cloth diapers that requires diaper covers, parents do not need to spend extra.

  • WaterproofComes with double layer of soft PUL in the front to ensure waterproof and to avoid leakage and keep wetness contained.

  • Back pocket

    Comes with back pocket to hide absorbent inserts or for additional inserts

  • Adjustability

    Comes with a lot of snaps on the waist to allow diaper to fit perfectly and the right size for all babies.

  • Comes with 2 Absorbent Inserts

    Each Insert is made out of 2 layers of bamboo and 1 layer of microfiber - 3 layers that makes it super absorbent

  • Super Long Inserts
    2 Super long inserts, 14"X5"

  • Hip Snaps
    Comes with hip snaps to prevent wing drooping

Beautiful Fun Prints to Choose from:

Denim (Jeans)











Coming Soon


9 Beautiful Fun Prints to Choose from:



Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Back from Arizona but headed straight to work!

All I can say, I LOVE IT!!! I love AZ, hubby now lives in Chandler.  I was able to help him furnish the apartment with less than $1,000.  I guess if given more time there, I'd say I would be able to do it in less than $600 but since I am just there for less than a week, I couldn't really get much stuff from craigs and moreover, we do not have a truck or SUV to haul the stuff back and coordinating with different sellers and not sure if they sold it or not was not really a good option.

So, what did I get?  I managed to get floor model sectional set, a floor model memory foam bed + box spring.  That was the biggest item.  Best of all, we bought them on Memorial Day and there was no tax!  Talking about tax, the taxes here in TX is just 8.25% but in AZ, it was 8.8% and I was told that some places goes up to 9.9%?  Wow....

I am sure somebody else will be able to do better but I think I've did pretty well.  Some pictures to share below :)

Anyway, managed to get the following all under $1,000:

Grand Total  $961.25
Sectional  $399.00
Bed  $199.00
Side Table  $    9.99
Table Lamp  $   15.98
4 Pillows  $   39.46
7 set Comforter  $   39.99
7 Picture Frames  $   20.93
Dining Table Set  $   79.99
TV Cabinet  $   69.99
2 Decorative boxes  $   12.99
2 sets of window curtains  $   38.96
Curtain Rods  $   26.98
Floor Lamp  $     7.99
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