Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It is here again :( My husband lost his job again.

The economy is getting better, jobs are picking up, you hear this from all over.  Though, yesterday around 3+ when I was over at my coworker's desk, the phone rang.  I missed that called but went back to my desk and saw the phone that my husband called.  He started off with "Do you have a minute?"  I can sense trouble, I guess we are all mom, we all have that sense, I asked, what is the problem, please tell me.  His answer was, I just got laid off.  I am out of the building.

When things seems to get better, all of the sudden, something happens.  I always think that I am constantly running at 150mph, probably even faster than that till I cannot sleep at night.  Because when I lay on the bed, I will think, have I done this, have I done that, ohh... I forgot to answer the lady about her question via email.  I just cannot sleep.  I get 3-5 hours of sleep everyday.  I feel especially these 2-3 weeks after mom left, I aged 10 years overnight.  I feel tired and when it's time for me to be awake, I will tend to fall asleep, even standing at a group meeting.  

I asked myself, what have I done to deserve this?  I feel each time, everything that happens is all my fault.  He lost his job, is it because he came to the city I worked to help me out with my sick baby just so that I can go into the office?  Did I caused his job?  Customer's not happy about the diapers, is it because I didn't find a better supplier, customer not happy about the shipment, too slow, is it because I didn't ship like immediately?  I wish I could clone myself.  I feel like I am a bad mommy, I hardly have time to sit and play with my kids because I constantly have a laptop infront of me trying to do everything I can while with my kids.  I feel like a bad wife, I don't have time for my husband, I feel like I am a bad employee when the clients are not happy with the way the system goes.  Believe me, if I can satisfy everyone in the world, I would do so.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

NEW PRODUCT!!!! Huggies have the Jeans Disposable Baby Diapers, WE now have the Jeans Cloth Diaper.... CUTE!

So, everyone wants to look trendy and you want your latest addition to be part of it.  Huggies came out with the disposable Denim diapers.... we came out with the Jeans Cloth Diaper.

It is the one size fits all, please note that it isn't jeans material, it is the jeans print and it is waterproof.

They are really cute, now available for $11.99 + $1.25 shipping.  

Check them out:

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Salute to all the single moms out there, how do you do it?

So, last week was the second week of having to travel to my work place and bringing my baby.  As soon as I stepped into the day care the first day, I've got a feeling that he will be sick.  True enough, he started coughing when I picked him up on Thursday.  He was still good for his second flight but started throwing up on and off on Friday and threw up like Singapore's Merlion.  :(  

Brought him to the after care clinics, for first time mom, if you have to see the doctor anytime after office hours or on the weekend, you can search for pediatrics after hours.  For example, the one near our city is open from 4.30pm to 11pm on weekdays and on the weekends, they are open from noon to 11pm.  We found out with my first child that we can go to these places instead of going to the ER.  At least for our insurance, copay for ER is $100 versus $20 for these urgent care.  Most importantly, there is virtually no wait time if we are there but we have been to the Children's Medical Center and had to wait for 1-2 hours.  Anyways, we were there and doctor said that it was just a regular cold.

Then, on Sunday night, he still doesn't look good, told my husband to take off this week and he kept quiet.  On the other hand, I was getting really stressed up because my coworker happen to be online on MSN and told me work is very critical and they want everyone to report at another location on Monday and it is compulsory to be at work on Monday.  Again, I couldn't sleep till almost 3am because I was all stressed up, afraid that if I don't show up at work, I will lose my job but if I do, shall I bring my little baby who is not feeling well.  I have always been classified as the selfish mom as I have been traveling since I had my first baby and after having babies, I will start flying at 10 weeks.  People don't realize how hard it is for me to have to leave my love ones every Monday morning.  People think that after 5pm, I am a free women since I don't have to take care of my babies.  That is so not true.  If I don't bring my little one with me, I work in the office everyday from 8am to 8 or 9pm at night.  Most days, I will either pack food for lunch or not have lunch.  Then, after work, I go to a drive through, get my food and quickly go back to the hotel so that I can deal with my business stuff.  I have to do shipping, answer email, listings, communicating with suppliers, etc and most nights, I sleep at 2+am.  It is easier said that then, even my own sister said... you should find something near home.  She doesn't understand or those who comments doesn't understand that the nature of my job includes traveling to client's location.  Then some said... expand your business and stay home.  It is always easy to just sit down and look at the other party and comment on things.  I wish life was that easy and perfect for me.  Unfortunately, it is not :(  My husband lost his job several years ago and was unemployed for 2.5 years.  We have gone through some tough time and I refuse to ever be in that situation, that is why I work so hard and yet hang on to my job so that we have more money saved up for the rainy days.  It is different when we did not have kids but now with kids, we want to make very sure that there are extra during the rainy days.

Hubby didn't say anything on Monday morning, so, I ended up bringing him with me.  I had to rush to the daycare and drive another 45 minutes to the new location.  I went to the daycare to pick him up on Monday evening and he started having fever.  I called the night line and they told me to take off everything and just let him wear something light.  I did and his temparature when down a little.  Next morning at 5+am, I got up to prepare and when I looked at him, he was as red as a lobster.  I touched him and it felt like he is burning, thank goodness it was just 100.1 but still very scary.  My first one did not have fever until he was over 1 but this poor little baby is just 4.5 months.  I quickly called my husband and he drove down to meet me so that I can go into the office for the critical week.  Unfortunately, bad luck is with him, he got a speeding ticket, he told me that he thought it was still a highway and should be 70, so, he went at 70, which he thought was the speed limit, unfortunately, it is 55.  He came with my oldest son and 3 guys were in the hotel room for 3 days while I am at work.  

Finally, on Thursday, we flew home.  I feel like my back is about to break, I do have scoliosis and carrying my baby plus a huge back that looks like is 1/3 of my size is pretty tiring.  My friend told me, can you imagine having to go through what you went through if you were a single mom?  That strikes me, she is right, even though I have been complaining but I am lucky that my husband came to rescue me.  I cannot imagine all the single mom or dad out there.  All I can say, I SALUTE!!!! 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Something to share with all mom who works and have to take care of your little one.

Not sure how many customers/ readers that I have communicated.  I was thinking that I should share more about who am I or what I do.  Some customers think that I am a stay at home mom and have this as my side business, which means I am a WAHM.  

Actually, no, I am not a WAHM.  I work extremely hard because I have been in a situation whereby both my husband and I lost our job.  I have a day job and I have to travel for work, which means, Monday to Thursdays, I am not home.  I have 2 boys, my parents used to live with me when my second baby boy was born but they just left last week.  So, I now have to travel with my 4.5 months old baby to work with me.

My typical week starts with sleeping at 1-2am on early Monday morning because I need to ensure that all shipments are done, pack my clothes, pack clothes for my baby, ensure that my oldest son has his uniform for the week, laundry is done, etc.  By 4.45am, I have to get up to get the 7.50am flight.  Flying out is a little tough with a 4.5 months old baby.  Going through security is a work out.  Thank goodness, he is such a good baby, he has been sleeping in the plane and thank goodness, it is a short flight.  Get there and immediately send him off to the daycare before I get to work.  I still feel really sad that I have to leave him at the daycare, so, everyday at lunch, I drop by at the daycare and try to feed him because the people at the daycare doesn't seem to care much about feeding him.  He only drinks about 7-9 oz of milk at the day care for the whole time.  He was once a 90 percentile baby.

By 5.40pm, I have to quickly dash to the daycare to pick him up.  At 6+pm, we usually arrive at the hotel.  I make sure that I feed him, shower him and then, put him to bed.  I have to quickly turn on the computer to continue my work stuff as I promise my boss that I would continue work from the hotel.  By 8-9pm, I have to quickly work on my business stuff.  Shipping, emails, etc....  I have to personally do all these because nobody knows what to do as I know best.  Thank goodness my sister can help me with shipping as she is going to college and living in my house.  By the time I am done, it is 1-2+am.  I then have to get up the next day at 6am to feed my baby, prepare to go to work and it's another day.

It is very hard to be a mom, an employee and own a business.  It is easy for others to say that I have to forgo one or just take it easy.  I cannot take it easy.  As all know, there is no day off from being a mom.  My boss is a very hard working man himself, he calls me all the time if I am not physically in the office, he even called me at 8.30pm when I was in the hospital the 3rd night after having my baby.  Customers expect almost immediate delivery and answers.

I am very very sorry dear customers... it is not that I do not want to be have the best customer service out there.  I wish I could but unfortunately, I do not earn enough to hire someone, I have to take on so many things. Thank you so much for all your support all these years, I really appreciate it.  I just want all to know that I really thank you for giving me an opportunity to serve y'all and so very sorry that I have disappointed some if my shipment is slow or my response is slow.  I just wish I have more than 24 hours a day, then I can do more and be more efficient.

Thank you once again!!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How to keep cloth diaper from poopy diaper stain?

Question a lot of first time cloth diapering mom would ask:

1) How do I get rid of the solids?
2) How do I avoid getting stains on my diaper?
3) Do I have to wash my diapers immediately?  If not, what do I do with them?
4) What is a diaper liner?  Where can I get them?

I hope this short video clip can help some of you with questions especially with poopy diaper.  I took the opportunity to take a short video clip of my 4.5 months with poopy on his cloth diaper.  Please note that I used the Flushable/ Biodegradable diaper liner, I usually use that in the mornings and afternoon.

1) How do I get rid of the solids?
1.    For semi – solid to solid diapers, remove solids into the toilet or trash.  After that, wash the diaper.  Best to wash diaper as soon as possible.  For my case in the video, it was a semi solid, so, I went ahead and washed it in the sink.

2) How do I avoid getting stains on my diaper and how do I get rid of them?
The best way really is to wash your diapers immediately.  If it is not convenient for you to do that, especially when you are out and about, then, bring the cloth diaper home, turn to a cold wash cycle and soak diapers overnight at the maximum water level. Do NOT use detergent. Use a scoop of oxygen cleaner. Use a little of baking soda will be great too, soak the diapers overnight.  Wash them the next day.

3) Do I have to wash my diapers immediately?  If not, what do I do with them?
I do not wash my diapers immediately.  The best thing is to wash out the solid, put them in a diaper pail.

4) What is a diaper liner?  Where can I get them?
The diaper liner is made out of soft viscose.  I usually put this layer on top of my cloth diaper.  It somehow to me feels like it makes my baby's butt dryer than without it.  It also helps when I have to put diaper rash cream because the diaper rash cream will somehow make the diapers less absorbent.  Lastly, love it when he has poppy diaper that I just throw out the liners and less stain.  You can get them at our store soon.

Overall, I would say that the best thing to do is to wash the diapers immediately, if not, at least rinse it with a diaper sprayer, which i don't have but thank goodness, I have a sink in my laundry room, and use some baking soda and put them in a pail.  When you are ready to wash them, just wash them together.

Tips:    Try to wash them within 2-3 days, it will be hard to remove the stain.  Happy Cloth Diapering!

New Product: Flushable/Biodegradable Cloth Diaper Liners

We have another new product in line- the flushable and biodegradale cloth diaper liners for mothers who love to have their child enjoy the softness of the bamboo material. 

Features of the cloth diaper liners are that it's : 

- Biodegradable - Liners will biodegrade around 8 days in sewage treatment system or 20 days in septic tank.  Though, we would like to caution buyers that certain drain systems that are old or sensitive may become blocked, that's why septic system is not really recommended.

- Flushable - Makes clean up for dirty diaper easier.  Perfect for cloth diaper mom as well as disposables.  No more rinsing of poopy diapers in the toilet.  Discard the liners and flush and

- 100% Viscose - Tear off Liner Sheets

Introductory cloth diaper liners are priced as follow: 

- 6 Rolls - $29.99 + Shipping 
- 4 Rolls - $18.99 + Shipping
- 2 Rolls - $9.99 + Shipping
- 1 Roll - $5.25 + Shipping

Note that there is a 5% discount if you enter the January 2011 Specials for your entire purchase at our website. 
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