Wednesday, June 2, 2010

3 New Plain Colors + 5 with Prints - Coming Soon!!!!

Calling all Cloth Diaper customers.... we have now 2 more new colors coming up.

Purple and Sea Blue will be available for sale early next week around June 7 or 8th. You can pre-order them through our website.... hurry, hurry, we are trying out the colors, therefore, we do not have a lot in stock, so, place your orders as soon as possible

Bright Green, Purple and Sea Blue

And guess what? Some parents are tired of the plain colors, we will soon have the bamboo cloth diapers with prints. We should be getting them in the week after we get the purple and sea green. Check out our website around the 14th or 15th for more pictures of the actual product..... You will love them!!!!

They are:


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