Wednesday, January 28, 2015

NEW!!!! We have several new products coming up this year! Stay tune.

I have not post in a very long time.  Honestly, it is difficult having to take care of 3 boys and one of the 3 is a special need.  I know that there were some customers who tried to contact me through Facebook but didn't quite get a respond.  I have to apologize, I am not sure if anyone of you have lost a child before.  I lost Bruno, my English bulldog which I always refer to as my first son when I was pregnant with my second son.  Till today, I find it difficult to look at people walking their dogs.  It just tears my heart.  When Laynson was born, I lost a child. People may say that it's not right, he's still here, you didn't lose your child?  The truth is, I lost a healthy child. I hang out with a group of special need mom, every month, I see at least 1-2 kids pass on and it really affects me.  I've been to their funerals.... the scariest day of my life was going to a little boy's funeral that has what Laynson has and 3 hours later, Laynson quit breathing and no heartbeat for 10-12 mins.  We were able to revive him but things like that just hit me really hard.  It's just affects me and I try not to go to Facebook.

Though, having Laynson has made me a better person and a different person.  I learn to be more patient, take things easy, besides that, I learn so much.  I learn to be a nurse, a scheduler... I can tell what medication to use and I can tell all the different antibiotics.  I realize that God gave me Laynson for a reason and I cannot Thank him enough for giving this special little guy to me.  I wouldn't trade anything for Laynson.  I think I have been gone for a while and this year, I have decided to come back to focus more on BubuBibi. I have hired a lady who is EXTREMELY good at what she does to help me.  I am truly blessed to have her help me.

Anyway, stay tune for more new products and designs coming along our way!  Happy 2015!

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