Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day! Dress your babies up!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner.  Have you decided on how to dress them up?  We will share some ideas here.  Share them with us too if you have them!

For less than $20, you can dress up your little girl.

Set Consists of:
1) Diaper Cover - $6.55
2) Leggings & Headband set - $12.99

Wait a minute.... what about the BOYS????  Oh my, dress your little cupid up as well.

Set Consists of:
1) BubuBibi Diaper Cover - $6.55
2) Leg Warmers - $6.35
3) Tie or Bow Tie - $5.99

And finally..... go all out to dress her up like a princess on this day of love!

Set Consists of:
1) BubuBibi Kids Tutu (3-8 years old) - $6.99
2) TutuTop - $5.99
3) Headband - $5.99
4 ) Leg Warmers

Happy Valentine's Day to all.  Hope you have a fun day with your little ones :)

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