Friday, January 13, 2012

Cloth Diapers (30 years ago Vs. now) - That's why I cloth diaper my kids :)

I knew that I grew up with cloth diapers.  30+ years ago, all mama used was the prefolds and diaper pins on me.  This was me 30 + years ago.  Didn't realize that I had that much hair, wish it stayed.  All of my sibblings grew up with cloth diapers.  We were using prefolds with diaper covers.  Back then, mama would wash and since we grew up in a tropical country, we have always lined dry the diapers.  No dryers and therefore, the prefolds lasted for a very long time.  Managed to find some pics of me in cloth diapers and shoes crochet by my beloved mama :)

Fast forward 30+ years.... here is my little baby wearing cloth diapers.  I wonder 30+ more years, what would my grand children wear? 

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