Saturday, January 14, 2012

The pregnant sisters!

Being 3 years younger and already done with 2 kids, I never imagined that I would be pregnant at the same time as my sisters. She is 3 years older than me and because her son is a little more clingy and whinny, it scare her but because my brother in law really wants more kids, they have decided to try again. 

Growing up, I've always wanted a family like my parents.  That's why I choose to get married on their anniversary and I wanted to have kids pretty much the same age my mom had us but too bad, it didn't happen till later for me.

Though.... my mom and my aunt were pregnant the same time.  That's why my cousin brother is 4 days younger than me.  Aunt told us that she was preparing to go visit my mama and I at home and that's when she herself ended up in the hospital having my cousin.

SherLi, my sister's baby girl will be 10 weeks older than Leyron (DS3).  Just wanted to share this special sister thing will all the mom who happen to share the same thing.  I am sure SherLi and Leyron will be good buddies.

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