Thursday, December 15, 2011

20 years ago - December 14 1991 was a night mare for my family, time flies!

My grandpa used to own a jewelry store.  He started his business back in the 40s.... When my grandma passed away, my dad retired from his job and started helping out my grandpa and since it is a family business, we did not hire anyone, I had to help out during the weekends as well as after school.  I just didn't have a normal school life like my other friends, where they got to go back home and played with their neighbors after school. 

On December 14, 1991 at 2.55pm, 3 robbers came and took almost everything in the store.  One had a gun, one had a screwdriver as long as 2 feet, never seen such long screwdriver in my life.  In less than 5 minutes, they emptied everything.  My grandpa was sitting at the counter and refused to let go at first.... my dad and I were forced to go to the back but when my dad saw that the robber almost stabbed my grandpa with the long screwdriver... he yelled, he told grandpa... LET IT GO!!! LET THEM TAKE IT!!!..

Can you imagine, my poor grandpa, worked so hard for the 50+ years but these people took his hard earn money in less than 5 minutes.  Unfortunately, we never did recover the money and we did not insure the jewelry, so... we had to start from scratched.  Dad took out our savings, his savings, everything he could to start the business again.  We worked even harder and pulled through the years.  Grandpa passed away 5 years later... I am sure grandpa is proud of daddy and all of us but without grandpa... we wouldn't be here today!

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