Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cancer.... what is it and why is it hitting my family all of the sudden?

It is just way too stressful now with everything that is going on.  Brother is slowly recovering, he is starting his radiation next week.  He seems to be walking better last week but this week, it looks like he is back to like before?  It is just hard as young people just do not seem to listen.  He is currently going to college and didn't want to be on the wheelchair and I think he has probably hurt himself a little by walking too far.

Hubby called his daddy tonight.  My father-in-law had prostate cancer 2-3 years ago and I was told that he had a surgery and was successful but like all cancer patients, they have to do a check up every "X" months or years.  He did his check up and they suspect that the cancer came back and probably spreading to the bones.  Doctor suggest that he does a PET Scan Carbon 11????  I am so bad with medical terms because growing up, at most I hear my grandparents have diabetes, high blood or high cholesterol.  The word cancer has never strike our family but sad enough, it is now. 

I told my husband that since he is unemployed now for the moment, he should take this time off to stay with his parents since they are in their 70s.  Though, they live miles away and that means, it will take him away from us....  Life is just too tough.  Still, the same question I ask each night before I go to sleep and before I make my prayers.... is tonight the end of the tunnel where I see the light? 

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