Saturday, April 23, 2011

Traveling and cloth diapering? Got to try it!

I started "part time" cloth diapering with my oldest son since he goes to day care and they wouldn't take cloth diaper, so, I had to do it only on the weekends and in the evenings.  Though, we have been pretty much cloth diapering my second one full time but I have never traveled with him especially with cloth diaper.  Yes, we do go out to the mall with cloth diaper but not away from home for a week.

Our trip to DC is coming up soon since we need to go to DC to get my son's birth certificate, yes, he does get dual citizen until he is 18.  After that, we will be visiting my OBFF (Online Best Friend Forever).  I've met this girl through a customer and became very good friends only by talking over msn.  Then, we got to meet each other on a family vacation back in December 2009.  We are finally able to meet up with Eve again.  Eve lives in VA and has a pair of twins a year older than little Laynden.

So, this time, I told myself that I'll try to travel with cloth diaper full time so that I can feel exactly how some mom feel....

Good luck to me!  I will definitely blog about my experience when I get back.  Find out at the end of May!

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