Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011 - The boys had lots of fun!

The boys had a great time, especially Laynce, DS1.  He had 3 hunts this year.... one with the City of Frisco
here in Texas, April 16th, one at school and the last one was at my sister's. 
We had so much fun, did you?  We took our Easter Bunny pictures, courtesy
of 3:16 Team Reality.  That's my sister's company. 

Anyway, hope you had a great
Easter from BubuBibi!       

The boys, Laynce and my dearest
nephew, Meng!
We forgot our Easter Basket but
people were saying that we were so smart for using such a big "basket'
Our Easter Bunny

  Free Easter Bunny from 3:16 Team
Reality, Thanks to my dearest sister, Loreena Yeo!

Laynce with his egg necklace Laynce with his good friend,
Nathan... opps... yes, we FORGOT our basket AGAIN... so... we had to
advertise for Walmart!
Laynce with Mama!

Whatt??? Egg Hunt AGAIN? 
Yes, this time, we did not forget the basket but we figured out that
we can put a lot in the big bag, so, what the heck?
I guess my photography skills
isn't good, I was focusing on the egg and didn't realize that I was
focusing on the branch instead of the egg....
Picture time dad and

Aww.... Little Laynden doesn't
know how to get his own eggs but thank you grandma, she brought him
2 eggs....
He was in his favorite BubuBibi
Admiring them????
Or... thinking of how to fit such

big egg into his mouth
  The party ended with a big big
pot of Curry Chicken.... making me hungry right now!

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