Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Belated Mother's Day to all!

Happy Mother's Day to all mama out there.  How did yours go?  I had a great one.  On Thursday, my son's school called and left me a voicemail, telling me that I have to bring Laynce to school and that I thought she said that I had to bring muffin and juice.  So, on Friday morning, I had to get up extra early to stop by the groceries to get muffin and juice, I thought they were doing something for mother's day and probably my husband sign me up for that.  So, I went to school and apparently, my son is supposed to give me a flower that he made and then, he was supposed to serve me muffins and juice.  I guess I got the wrong message.  It was a surprise and definitely a sweet thing for them to do.  Really appreciate it.  My son goes to a school call "Tzu Chi", they teach Mandarin as well as English.  I want him to be multi lingual.  Like me and my husband can speak  5 languages. 

On Saturday, my husband brought Laynce for his swim class and then, they went out and bought me and my mom a spa gift card.  It was very sweet of him because I needed a break.  But... hmm... I am pretty "cheap", I have never been to a spa, the last time I went to the movies theather was probably back in 2005 because I keep telling myself that if I sit down at home, I have my laptop on me, I am not wasting my time, if I go to the movies, I cannot do anything, I am afraid I may be wasting time :(

Anyway, since my mama lives with me, we brought her out for lunch as well and for dinner, I made curry beef while my sister made another dish for mama because mama prefers not to cook. 

Happy Mother's day to all mama out there especially to my beloved mama who has always been by my side, helping me through everything.

Also, thank you God for allowing me to be mama of 3 beautiful boys.... Little Laynce, Little Laynden and my beloved Bruno who is now in Heaven.  I love you boys! 

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