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Traveling with Cloth Diaper for a week.... are we ready? How to Travel with Cloth Diapers.

Traveling with a baby and a 4 year old is going to be challenging and now adding cloth diaper?  Hmm.... we will see how it goes.  I did read a couple of website that did mention to bring disposables (just in case).  I think will just to make sure since I have NEVER traveled with solely cloth diaper.  Though, I am excited.  This is going to be a trip (7 days) away from home.

The Day Before: (The Check List)
I will be flying back tonight, plane arrives at 8.15pm, then, by the time I get home, I need to make sure that I work on shipping for my customers.  After that, I need to ensure that I pack the boys stuff:
  1. Diaper Covers = 12
  2. Inserts = 14
  3. Diaper Liners = 1 Roll
  4. 2 Large Wet Bags
  5. Baby Wipes
  6. Detergent to wash cloth diapers
  7. Detergent to wash milk bottles
  8. Milk Powder
  9. 4 Milk Bottles
  10. Wash Cloth - 12
  11. Lotion
  12. Benedryl
  13. Mylicon
  14. Motrin
  15. Infant Tylenol
  16. Thermometer
  17. Albuterol
  18. Laynden's Cloths
  19. Laynce's Cloths
  20. Laynce's underwear
  21. Boy's Socks
  22. Boy's Shoes
  23. Hand Sanitizer
As I was typing through this list, I found out that my flight that evening back home from work got cancelled.  It was because the weather in Dallas was bad that afternoon, so, all flights after 2pm got cancelled.  I immediately purchased a ticket with Southwest airlines, taking a chance thinking that they will not cancel their flight.  As soon as I got to the airport, the flight that I just purchased was pushed back to 10.10pm.  I was thinking that if I continued with this flight, then, I will probably arrive home at 4-5am.  So, I've decided to rent a car and drive back home.  By the time I got home, it was 2am.  I realize that I didn't complete my packing, so, I started packing and taking pictures of some new inventory.  By the time all that was done, it as 5am, I had to wake up and take a shower, so, I went straight to shower.


Day 1:
Woke my baby up at 5.45am, I changed his cloth diaper and took him to the airport. 



Security line was long and for those who are traveling, I recommended to not use the fancy diaper bags.  What I did, which I've used before is my husband's old laptop bag.  He use to carry a 17" laptop and he bought a huge laptop backpack.  That became my diaper/ travel bag because I can use it as a backpack.  I've organized it so well and I do not need to put down the bag to get anything, I would just reach for the pockets and get whatever I need.  Take a look at the picture of my bag :)  It's very huge but it is perfect because I have cloth diapers, diaper inserts, diaper liners, diaper rash cream, wash cloth, baby wipes, laptop, mouse, charger, wallet, inhaler (I'm asthmatic), Advil, ipod, phone in the each pocket/ section and I have memorized where I've placed them. Anyway, we had to tell a couple of people not to follow behind our lines because we are definitely holding up the line.  Between the 4 of us (Husband, DS1, DS2 and I), we probably scanned through about 11 buckets.  After that, the flight was very easy.  Also, I made very sure that I make 9oz of milk, the most that I can get out of the bottle and bring it with me to the plane.  As soon as the plane start backing up is when I gives him the milk.  That way, during take off, if there are pressure, he will not feel it as much if he is drinking his milk.  He did SO GOOD on the plane.  He did not cry at all and was a happy baby. 

Including getting there, flying + landing, it took us 6 hours.  I was worried because I was debating if I should change him in the plane or wait till we touch down.  Since I didn't feel any leak (because I typically change him within 2-4 hours), so, I just wondering if it will leak but since I didn't feel it, I just sat down and waiting for us to get off the plane.  So, the first thing I did for to change him.  To my surprise, it did not leak AT ALL.  Yes, we did have 2 diaper insert, if not, I think we wouldn't have lasted that long.  Advise to mom, since you will be traveling on a plane, better do 2 inserts instead of 1 to last longer.  Also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the biodegradable lienr on the diaper.  It really keeps the moist away and baby's bottom feels a lot more dry then without the liners.  Each roll cones in 100 sheets, so, it's really very cheap.  So, we got there at 12.30pm EST.  I took of his shirt and saw that there was no leak.  Good job baby!  Changed our diaper and then, headed to get the rental car.  Throughout the day, we changed 4 diapers, including the night diaper.  I did not use different diaper, just been using the original solid and I think it is perfect for my baby. 


So proud of myself, I had everything organize, diaper changer, wet bag, Cloth Diaper, shirt and pants. 


Check the diaper out, we wore it at 5.45am and it was 11.30 am CST, NO LEAKS!!!! 


Put the dirty cloth
diaper and sleeper in the wetbag and now he is a happy baby.  We were at
IAD changing him :)

We were all tired by the
time we got to the hotel, we took naps and of course, it's about 3-4 hours
later, time for another diaper change :)


I have been using 2 inserts because it has been working better for me, with 2 inserts, each change is approximately 3-4 hours instead of 1.5 - 2.5 hours.

Now.... washing experience, that was not the best.  I brought 14 inserts and since I've used up 2 for 1 change, I technically only have 7 change if he does not poop. He did not poop the first day, I guess he was a little stressed with the plane ride, etc.  The first day, we had 4 change + 1 at night, so, I was only left with 2 more for the next day.  I had to wash the diapers in the hotel and guess what, even though I had laundry detergent, hmm... I forgot that.  So, I had to use whatever I have to wash the diapers.  I washed them on the sink.  I used warm water to wash them.  After that, I took the hangers and started hanging them all over the room.  I did not know where the washer and dryer is in the hotel but big lesson learn is I really should use the waster and dryer instead of hand washing and drying it in the room.


I forgot to bring laundry detergent, that was the only bummer.

Tried to dry the Cloth Diapers, Disposable/ Flushable Liners (oh yes, I am cheap, I reuse them if there isn't poo poo) and wet bags.

Day 2:

Good morning Everyone.... my baby is up in his Purple BubuBibi Cloth Diaper.  No

We checked out the next day because after I was done with the birth certification application, we walked around DC.  

Since the weather was not the greatest, the diapers did not dry well, so, guess
what I did?  I dried them in the car.  I think people passing by might
think that I am crazy but whatever it takes to get these CDs to dry out so that
little Laynden can wear.


Dried the cloth diapers in the car


We then headed to Lincoln memorial.  Wanted to take the elevator up but it was not working.  

So, we had to leave the strollers below and walked up with the boys.  Took
some cute pictures but as soon as we got down, I smell poo poo, so, we had to
change.  Thank goodness for the viscose disposable/ flushable liners, it
was so easy, it did stain a little on the diaper but compared to nothing on the
diaper, it could be a lot worst.  Check them out.


Poo poo on the diaper liner                                  
Hardly any stain on the diaper 


I just wrap the CD up like my regular disposable and put straight into my wet bag.
We headed to the White house, Washington monument, Flight museum. After that, we headed to VA to meet up with my online best friend.  She is a friend of my customer and 1.5 years ago, we started talking online and have been chatting daily since then.  Anyway, since we have checked out, most diapers were damped, so, I ended up putting them all over the car, hoping that they would dry out.  I think if it was a hotter day during summer, it would but it happened to be raining and a little cold, so, it did not really dry out.

We drove from DC to Williamsburg VA at 5+pm, OMG, the traffic on I-64 is just crazy.  Initially when we put her address on the GPS, it says 141 miles, so, we thought worst case, it would take up to 3 hours.  Nope... took us 4+ hours to get there because of the traffic and of course, we needed 2 extra stop, one for feeding the baby and the next for diaper change.  By the time we got there, it was almost 10pm.  I had to quickly get ready for my business stuff.  Good thing is the boys were tired and they slept well.

Day 3:
Woke up pretty late, 9+ am EST because we were all exhausted.  We ate the to go food that we bought from a famous Malaysian restaurant called Penang in
Bethesda.  We were all so full.  My highschool good friend came from Roanoke to see me.  It was so nice of her to drive down all the way.  As soon as I got up, I immediately put the diaper, insert and wet bag into the dryer to dry them out so I managed to continue to use the cloth diaper.  I am not sure why I only managed to bring 14 inserts, I guess mom haven't wash the rest and due to my flight cancellation that day, I wasn't able to wash all of them and bring them with me.  He finally poop on day 2 and I would highly recommend to travel or even use the liners at home.  I am "cheap", I reuse the liners if there is no poopy diaper.  If there is poopy diaper, I would throw them away, if not, I would just rewash them with my cloth diapers.  I think I've counted, I used them 4 times before they look pretty worn out and started using a new liner.  It keeps the moist away from the baby's bottom and since he just got
circumcised 6 weeks ago, our doctor told us to continue to put Vaseline, so, using the liner is the best to avoid any cream on the actual diaper itself.  For those of you who are new to cloth diapers, we always say, do not use rash cream, etc on the diaper.  After that, in the evening, we were inviting to her friend's birthday and graduation party.  OMG, had the best salad and potato salad.  The lady's mom in law threw her the party and even made a story book cake about her life till today.  It was very sweet of her.  Nothing much after that, we just sat and relax and chit chat for the rest of the evening.

Day 4:We had plans to bring the kids around Jamestown/
Williamsburg.  My friend made us some nice breakfast, yes, we were so full till we were not able to eat lunch.  We ended up going to Jamestown Settlement .  The kids had lots of fun and while the adults were busy running around chasing the kids.  Luckily DS2 is so good, he was in the baby carrier all the time and only got up once to get drink milk.  We ended up changing his cloth diaper in the car.  After that, we did nothing but just relaxed at home.

Day 4:
We went to Sam's club for the first time.  I am a die hard Costco fan, I get everything from Costco but hmm.... it seems that Sam's club have a lot of goodies too.  Now I need to send my dad over to compare the prices, it looks like the items sold is pretty much the same.  After that, we headed to Newport News' Asian market called E-Mart.  Well, I have to admit that we are so very lucky here in the Dallas Fort Worth area, yes, I know nothing compared to CA nor NY but still, I want to say that our smallest asian market is bigger than their biggest one, unless my friend is still new here and is not aware of bigger ones.  After that, we bought lots of vegetables for the next day, her mom wants to make a famous dish from their hometown.  I have NEVER heard or tried that, so, looking forward for it.

Day 5:
I love, love, love Wells Fargo.  I had to do a wire to my vendor after placing an emergency order, yes, I am running low on the Original Solids and in the process of changing the original solid colors to pastels.  Since Wachovia has merged with Wells fargo, I thought they could help me here but according to them, it takes them 2 hours to set up since they have not done international wire transfer.  I called my local bank, they set it up and immediately told me that all I need to do is to go to that same branch to sign the form.  Wow... impressive.  I am so happy but unfortunately, the girl that has been helping me all the time is leaving Wells Fargo.  I do wish her all the best.  So, besides that, I was out with my girlfriend and her brother, we went to the outlet mall because her brother needed to get something and then again, to the asian groceries because we left out several important ingredients for the item that we needed.  So... what did the boys do at home?  So proud of my husband, he did well with the cloth diapers.  Good job!

Day 6 & 7:We hardly go anywhere since it was raining cats and dogs.  Of course on the final day it is bright and sunny but unfortunately, my boss called me and wanted me to help him work on something even though I am on vacation.  So, I ended up working for a few hours but we still managed to go to Colonial Williamsburg .  The boys had fun but we only managed to spend an hour there before heading to the airport.  We stop by at Apple's Bee at Richmond Airport, guess what?  Hubby ordered a Honey BBQ Chicken sandwich to share with my son.  After eating almost 2/3 of the sandwich, hubby realize that they left the plastic cheese wrapper on.  We approached the server and they ended up giving us $2.00 off.  I just was a
little upset because the manager did not even come to us to apologize. 

Anyway, we made it home and I am SO HAPPY to be back home!

Lesson learnt:
  1. Bring more than 2 days worth of CDs and inserts
  2. Find a hotel with washer and dryer instead of hand washing them if staying in a hotel.
  3. Remember to bring laundry detergent
Next trip in 2 weeks, we are heading to Phoenix Arizona to drop my husband off.  He is starting work beginning of June.  The next time, it will be more days in the hotel and traveling alone with 2 boys on the plane back home.  Ohh... not forgetting the 15 hours drive with 2 boys + cloth diaper. 

I really felt like I was worrying for nothing.  Traveling with CDs is the same as with disposables.  So, for parents who are concern with traveling with cloth diapers.... it's a piece of cake!  LOL....

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  1. I love this post. So encouraging. We did cloth over a long weekend but just had enough that we could throw them all in the wetbag - we wouldn't have enough for a week, and by the time we're travelling with baby 3, we'll need to learn to wash on the road!


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