Saturday, May 28, 2011

Phoenix, Arizona, Here we come.... Hubby is relocating there and this time, Cloth Diaper + Roadtrip!

God is just great... I just cannot believe it.  Tomrorow, actually, it's 2.05 am now, so, I would say today, we are driving to Phoenix, AZ.  Hubby is starting his job on 6/6 and we have decided to leave a little early to check the place out with him. 

I have been very anxious about this trip, I guess it's because I don't know what it is in in AZ and if we will like the place and someday move there.

Guess what, god made the perfect arrangement.  At midnight, he arrange for C to email me, asking if how long does it take to ship to Glendale, AZ.  I googled it and realize that it is just 45 mins away from where I will be?  So, I told her that I will be more than happy to meet with her to show her my diapers and drop them off.  We started chatting and she was so very nice, she even told me where to get my mattress, her favorite restaurant and activities like tubing?  I am no longer anxious, I am excited to see what's there. 

Who knows, we may like the place so much and move there really soon.

Thank you C once again, she has been so nice telling me everything she knows about Phoenix/ Chandler, AZ even with twins.  Only sad thing is she dropped off before I could say good night, I guess it's probably feeding time for her.

Phoenix + Road Trip + Cloth Diapers = Here we come!!!

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  1. welcome!! I was born and raised in AZ and I'm still here :) I LOVE it and never want to move. Chandler is a wonderful place to raise a family. AZ is very easy to navigate and is a very casual, family friendly place. I live in Mesa, about 20 mins from Chandler so let me know if you need any help finding great places or things to do. You will love the valley of the sun!!! Hope you have your swimming suits and sun screen handy because swimming is all you do in the summer!

    Bridgett Zaidi


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