Monday, May 2, 2011

Please pray for my little brother, he is now in the ER again :(

It is very difficult, it's like each week, we don't know what's ahead of us.  We thought the battling with the tumor is behind us, we just have to deal with medical bills but I guess I am wrong.  He is in his 2nd week of radiation and now being sent to ER.  He is not feeling well for the past couple of days.  I hate it when I am so far from home, not able to be there for him.

I was just flipping through his facebook, he use to be such a carefree and happy boy.  He is a good brother, he doesn't drink or do drugs, his good friends are from church, they are all very polite and nice people.  He is by far the most hardworking person I've ever know in terms of blood donation.  He donates his blood so frequently, helping those who need it.  Why God has chosen him to get such tumor and now in great pain again.  I am sitting down here, crying, wondering what can I do being miles away from home.

Sister told me that even if I fly or drive home, I won't be able to help, we will just await for the MRI results.  I pray that the tumor did not grow bigger, I pray that it's like what he suspected, he thinks that he must have twisted his back going up and down the radiation table.  God... please take care of my little brother.  I want to see him grow old.  When we found out that he has this tumor, I secretly prayed to God, I told him to take years from my life to allow my brother to grow old.  Please.... I love my little brother.... just know that I will always be there for you!

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